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Who is Gemma Cribb?

Hi There!

I'm a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in sex, love and relationships. I have written two books: 'Doing Single Well' and  'Great Sexpectations.'

For many years I've been helping my clients enjoy life and sex, understand and enjoy love for themselves and for others, and value themselves in or out of a relationship.

I passionately believe that you can live a fulfilling and exciting life no matter what your relationship status. I'm committed to helping people develop awareness of their authentic sexual selves and nourish positive intimate relationships with themselves and others. 

You can get more inspiration on how to live and love to your fullest potential by signing up to my email list using the link below and check out my books 'Doing Single Well' and  'Great Sexpectations' co-written with the amazing James Findlay. 

Get to know me through these articles:

August 9, 2018

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